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We offer full replacement window options alongside our maintenance and repair services, covering the whole of the South East of England.




Subject to covenant restrictions over the external character of your building, you may wish at some point to change the look of your windows. We offer a range of uPVC and composite options for your entire home and have a huge range of window options for you to select from - including traditional and contemporary styles, different colours and finishes and glazing options to suit you and your property’s character and taste.


If the changes you have in mind are not so drastic - such a simple change of the way your window opens, for example, then we’ll be able to match and source your window frames and panels.




Both uPVC and Aluminium are susceptible to movement due to the changes in temperature and conditions throughout the year. This can range from hinges becoming misaligned to the frames shrinking or expanding. We offer either a one-off 'call out' service or a quarterly maintenance visit to inspect/adjust all doors and/or windows.


We can also repair or replace window handles, locks and hinges and rejuvenate and renew tired looking sills and frames.

Hand Opening Window
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